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Understanding the Patterns of Impure Thought

Identifying, understanding and defeating temptation has piqued the interest of theologians for centuries. One such man was Evagrius Ponticus. He wrote with tremendous insight on the subject and significantly influenced subsequent generations of scholarship.

This site seeks to build upon his efforts to analyze and systematize Biblical teachings on temptation. Hopefully, you will learn to better understand your own spiritual strengths and weaknesses. Once these areas have been successfully identified, necessary steps can then be taken to address problems.

The goal of every Christian is to be like Christ. May this site help you to recognize and remove any obstacles that prevent you from fulfilling your purpose in life.

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This site has been relaunched! If you've visited this site before 12/29/08, then you'll find much of the same content with the addition of a few new articles in the Library. The biggest change has been the addition of the PITscan diagnostic tool. It is a work-in-progress, so please bear with me as it developed and refined. If you find something that isn't working quite right, please contact me.

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A Word from a Father ...
Do not forget that you have fallen, even if you have repented, but hold onto the memory of your sin as an occasion of compunction that leads you to humility, so that thus humbled you will of necessity disgorge your pride.
Evagrius Ponticus, To Eulogios 14