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Evagrius Ponticus, Monastic Theologian
Contains a brief biography, an annotated listing of his literary works, an extensive bibliography, and more.

Maintained by Joel Kalvesmaki.
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St. Evagrius Ponticus
Contains several Evagrian works in a Greek/English parallel format. Of particular interest are Praktikos, Peri Logismon, and a rare online edition of Antirhetikos.

Maintained by Father Luke Dysinger, O.S.B.
Saint Andrew's Abbey, Valyermo, California.
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The Works of St. John Cassian
Contains selections of St. John Cassian from the Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers (Series II, Vol. XI). Of particular interest are Books 5-12 of the Institutes and Book 5 of the Conferences.

Maintained by Christian Classics Etheral Library.
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The Seven Deadly Sins (1)
Dedicated more specifically to the list of the Seven Deadly Sins (which is a close cousin to the eight patterns of impure thought).

Maintained by William Rushman
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The Seven Deadly Sins (2)
Also dedicated more specifically to the list of the Seven Deadly Sins, but from a more secular perspective. They even have T-shirts, coffee mugs, and mousepads available for purchase!

Maintained by someone who does not prominently display their name on the site.
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A Modern Day Guide to The Seven Deadly Sins
Contains a series of interesting articles and quizzes. Also compares the teachings of multiple religions regarding the deadly sins.

Maintained by BeliefNet.com.
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Abbot John Eudes Bamberger, OSCO
This now-retired abbot's translation of two key Evagrian works (Praktikos and Chapters of Prayer) are available on Amazon. Contains an archive of several short articles and homilies which he has written since 2001. Regularly updated.
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